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Camping and staying over night at Angthong Marine Park, Thailand

Camping and staying over night at Angthong Marine Park is exciting way to spend a few nights on Wua Talap island. Island is evergreen with blending white sand and beautiful crystal clear water. It is a fairly small island and you can walk around the whole perimeter in about 10 or 15 minutes. Mu Koh Ang Thong Marine Park have camping area and bungalows with all the must need facilities as restaurant, shower, toilets and visitor center.

For camping, they provides tent, torch, sleeping bag, mosquito net. On the island is restaurant open daily till 8 pm. The park ranger and Marine Park Staff have a small area in the middle of the island and there is a small fishing village on the other side too. A real tropical romantic Island getaway.

Snorkeling and kayaking on Wua Talap Island is a must. Rich, healthy corals about 50 meters from the shore. In the morning you have a chance of seeing black tip reef sharks and rays. For pictures check out our photo gallery. Truly amazing place. Please protect the national park and follow the rules and regulations of the Angthong Marine Park

Please note; all tents are fully booked during August 2019

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