Diving at Angthong National Marine Park

The one thing you shouldn’t miss out on, if you have been on Koh Phangan, is a boat trip to the Ang Thong Marine National Park.

No matter if you are scuba diving or just planing on snorkeling, this is the place you have to see. Long white,sandy beaches and nobody there. Scuba diving in Angthong Marine Park used to be in the best conditions with pretty fair visibility and not a strong currents. Take your friends on the dive trip and have a great diving trip. If you are lucky you will see a whale shark.

Limestone islands consist of an abundance of caves, swim-throughs and overhangs. The coral is varied with many types of sea fans and black corals, and home to a large variety of fish. Visibility average is 15 meters and depth range from 1 meter to 30 meters which makes it ideal for snorkeling too.

Recommended Dive Tour Sites

Koh Yippon Lek


Max depth: 20 m

All levels of divers & snorkelers

Koh Yippon Lek – translates as “Small Japanese Island”. It lies at the northern most edge of the Marine Park and the site provides wonderful shallow caves and swim through. Although visibility here is usually less than Koh Tao and Sail Rock, when diving well, you will be rewarded with Banded Seas Snakes, Squid, Cuttlefish and huge Barrel Sponges.

Koh Wao

Max depth: 18 m

All levels of divers & snorkelers

Coral fringes the shore line in this picturesque bay, carpeting the rocks from just below the surface to the sandy floor which starts at 5m and reaches 20m further out in the bay. Heading around the western corner of the bay you’ll find a series of lovely overhangs and swim thru’s – watch out, some are quite narrow. Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips can be found if you look carefully along with Blue Spotted Sting Rays and Banded Sea Snakes.

Hin Yippon

Max depth: 25 m

Located at the Northern most point of the Marine Park this Dive is not to be missed. Circumnavigating this small rock you’ll find huge boulders forming fascinating swim thus and alleyways that make perfect hiding places for large red snappers and groupers. Around the site you’ll find large barrel sponges, numerous bushy corals and colorful sea fans, which make perfect shots for underwater photographers. The maximum depth here is 25 meters with a good average dive depth of 18 meters, which makes it an ideal site for novice and experienced divers

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