Flying drones at Angthong Marine Park

Understanding Regulations and Permits
Angthong Marine Park

Understanding regulations

Flying Drones in Angthong Marine Park: Understanding Regulations and Permits

Angthong Marine Park, a breathtaking archipelago in Thailand, is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers alike. Its stunning limestone cliffs, hidden lagoons, and emerald waters offer a captivating backdrop for capturing memories. However, for drone enthusiasts, the question of flying drones within the park’s boundaries requires careful consideration due to regulations aimed at protecting the environment and wildlife.

National Park Restrictions:

Angthong Marine Park falls under the jurisdiction of Thailand’s National Park Service. Generally, flying drones within National Parks in Thailand is prohibited unless a specific permit is obtained. This regulation aims to minimize disturbance to wildlife, maintain the tranquility of the park for visitors, and ensure safety by preventing potential collisions with other park users.

Obtaining Permits

Current Regulations and Obtaining Permits:

As of October 2023, the process for obtaining permits to fly drones in National Parks, including Angthong Marine Park, is undergoing development. There isn’t a single, centralized system in place yet. Here are the two potential avenues to explore:

  • Park Ranger Permission: Upon arrival at Angthong Marine Park, you can approach the park rangers and inquire about the possibility of obtaining a permit for drone use. Important Considerations:

    • Discretionary Approval: Granting permission may be at the park rangers’ discretion and subject to factors like park activity, wildlife presence, and potential disruption.
    • Specific Regulations: Even if permission is granted, there might be specific regulations attached, such as designated flying zones, time restrictions, or altitude limitations.
  • DroneZone Registration (Unconfirmed): Some online resources suggest the involvement of a private organization called DroneZone, which may offer a pathway for drone use in certain areas with proper licensing and insurance. However, the validity and current relevance of this information require further confirmation. We recommend visiting the official DroneZone Thailand website (if available) or contacting them directly for the latest updates on their services regarding National Parks.

Contacting Angthong Marine Park Directly:

Due to the evolving nature of drone regulations in Thailand, it’s highly recommended to contact Angthong Marine Park directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information. Their website (if available) or park rangers should be able to provide definitive details on the current policy for drone use within the park boundaries and any specific requirements for obtaining a permit.

Additional Considerations for Drone Use:

  • Drone Registration: Regardless of the permit situation, ensure your drone is registered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) and the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) as required by Thai law.
  • Insurance: While not always mandatory, carrying drone insurance provides peace of mind in case of accidental damage or injury caused by your drone.
  • Respecting the Environment and Wildlife: Even with a permit, prioritize responsible drone use. Avoid flying near nesting areas, wildlife habitats, or areas with high visitor activity. Minimize noise disturbance and maintain a safe distance from people and animals.
  • Following Safety Guidelines: Always adhere to general drone safety guidelines, including pre-flight inspections, maintaining line of sight, and flying within designated areas and permitted altitudes.



Flying drones in Angthong Marine Park requires careful planning and adherence to current regulations. While securing a permit might be possible upon arrival and inquiry with park rangers, contacting the park beforehand for definitive information is crucial. Remember, responsible drone use and prioritizing the park’s ecosystem and visitor experience are paramount. By following these guidelines and respecting the regulations, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable drone flying experience while capturing stunning aerial shots of Angthong Marine Park’s beauty.

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