Hiking at Angthong Marine Park

Walking at Angthong Marine Park is probably one of the best hikes in Thailand. At park headquarters on Koh Wua Talab Island (Sleeping Cow) there is a path leading up the side of the rocks to take yo as high as over then 500 meter above to sea level with spectacular view. This will take maybe 60 minutes to walk up but is well worth it. Please be warned this is not a hike for the faint-hearted.

The climb is broken up by viewpoints every 100 meters. They only got more and more beautiful, egging you on to the top. The views were worth it. I would remarked how amazing it would be to watch the sunset from this vantage point. Unfortunately, with no lights and the trail being what it was, it would also be a suicide mission. 

Make sure you have good footwear as there are sharp limestone crags which will be your foothold, especially towards the peak. With a breathtaking view of all the Ang Thong islands, the end-result of the hike is well worth it. Beware though, the hike is very steep in some sections and offer questionable ropes to hang on to. But this hike alone will justify your trip to Ang Thong.

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