Overnight Angthong Marine Park

Overnight Adventure Angthong Marine Park

Koh Whua Talap

Most Ang Thong visitors arrive on a join-in day trip or by boat charter from Koh Samui or Koh Pha Ngan. For those who wish to stay overnight, there are six simple bungalows and camping tents available for rent at the Park Headquarters on Koh Wua Talab, where a simple restaurant is found as well. Though the park has started to get busy with day-trippers in the peak season, the Ang Thong islands remain the postcard-perfect image of a tropical paradise.

The park headquarters is located on Ko Wua Talap, which has basic bungalow accommodation, visitor center, first aid tent and a kayaks for rent to get you around beautiful scenery of the 42 tropical islands.


Bungalow or Tent
Ang Thong 103, 104. 

1 bedroom (2 people), 1 water closet, mattress, fan. Non refundable.

800 THB
Ang Thong 102

2 bedrooms (6 persons), 2 water closets, mattresses, fans. Non refundable.

1,000 THB
Ang Thong 101

3 bedrooms (8 persons), 3 water closets, mattresses, fans. Non refundable.

1,500 THB

Waterproof tent with sleeping bags, pillows for 2 people.

450 THB

The costs of bungalows are 800 baht per day for a 2 bedroom cottage. The cottages are set against a beautiful backdrop and the park staff are very friendly and fanatical about football. However, please note that the park is not for the resort seeker. Facilities are basic: no hot water. Angthong National Marine park shuts off its generator at 23:00, so  expect no electricity at night (which only adds to the appeal of the place)

how to book a bungalow

Friendly Reminder

Return with most companies providing day tours to the National Park is available, pick up is about 3pm from main island Koh Wua Talap (Angthong national park headquarters) and is subject to additional charge of 1000 Bath per person. However, it is necessary to check with office in advance if the weather conditions will be optimal for the tour also the next day.

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