Fees and Permits

Entrance fees to Angthong National Marine Park

Normally not included in the tour fee unless otherwise specified and is collected by tour companies before the trip start or on the Koh Mae Koh Island in the Angthong Park rangers office

Individuals Fees:
300 Thai Baht/foreigner
150 Thai Baht/foreigner kid (under 12 years old)
50 Thai Baht/Thai person
25 Thai Baht/Thai kid (under 12 years old)

Boats parking and entrance fees:
100 Thai Baht/1 outboard engine
300 Thai Baht/big slow boats

Next day pick up (overnighters)

1000 thb per person as company needs to keep the seats for you (this fee is collected directly by company who provide transfer back)

Fees are collected by Government authority: National park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department; Office of National Parks, Bangkok, Tel.: 025610777 – 719
Issued at: Thaw Saw 0910.306/17805 Date: 22 November 2007

Please note: There is no discussion about foreigners who are long term residents, exchange students, holders of Thai work permits or hold Permanent Residency in Thailand.